Gold award – 2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards

Gold award – 2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards

« Dérives : Le Rituel de Sudation » won a gold medal in the narrative / documentary podcast category at the 2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards. It was a big surprise, and a great honor!

I would like to dedicate this award to Chantal Lavigne, and also to her family and loved ones, without whom I would never have been able to tell her story. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust, your authenticity and your generosity.

I share this award with the incredible team at Radio-Canada OHdio, with whom I had the chance to work on this first season: Jo-Annie Larue, Jérôme Leclerc, Alain Kemeid, Annie Reeves, and the sound engineer / mixer Sébastien Heppell.

Thank you to my girlfriend India Desjardins who is the first to read my scripts & listen to the draft episodes, and to criticize them (rightfully so), and who always has lots of good ideas.

And above all THANKS to all of you who listened to the podcast while walking, in the car, or hidden under the covers in your bed (true story), and for all your beautiful messages!

P.S. The second season of Dérives, entitled “Ayahuasca”, will be launched in November 2021.

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