Top 10 useless remedies… in Russian!

Top 10 useless remedies… in Russian!

Ilya (from the Urals) translated my « Top 10 useless remedies for the common cold » comic into Russian, and it looks awesome!


A few interesting facts I’ve learned about popular remedies for the common cold in Russia:

  • They use wool socks too, but without rubbing Vicks (which doesn’t exist there).
  • They stick their faces over a bowl with hot boiled potatoes and water, not just water.
  • For the mouth-burning contest, they use vodka with pepper.
  • Sweating at the bathhouse while ill is quite popular, even without Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice.
  • The mustard plaster is very popular in Russia.
  • Flu busters: they have an extensive list of so called « fuflomicini » (ex. immune enhancers).
  • Suppositories are not so popular, but people like to eat garlic while ill, keep it near, and make patches from it (which often causes skin burns).
  • Chicken noodle soup is not a delicacy there… They use a soup called « borscht« , made with meat and vegetables.
  • Russian pharmacies sells cough syrups too, but instead of DM or codeine, they contain antiseptics, mucolytics and light painkillers.
  • Antibiotics are available without a prescription!

Thanks so much Ilya!

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