Emu oil : why should I care?

Emu oil : why should I care?

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When I started my career in pharmacy back in 2004, emu oil was one of those enigmatic products that was easily found everywhere. Some customers would tell me about their successes with different types of problems (burns, muscle pain, rash, etc.)., but that’s it.

Then it disappeared … For a few years, it was virtually impossible to find in pharmacies in Quebec. A rarity in emus perhaps?

Fast forward to 2012, when emu oil makes a resounding comeback! It’s everywhere, everyone talks about / wants it and it seems to have even more healing properties than before.

In the thingy below (I’m not sure how to call it), I explain what emu oil is, where it comes from, what it does and whether it deserves your attention!


Emu oil: why should I care?Differences between an emu and an ostrichMore differences between an emu and an ostrichEmus are farmed for their leather, meat and fatAboriginal people in Australia used it for joint pain, cuts, injuries and feverNot really an anti-inflammatory, contains fatty acids and antioxidantsExperiments in rats: found effective in inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's and cholesterolIn rats, it helped for skin conditions such as burns, injuries, rashExperiments in rats can not necessarily predict the effects in humansCapsules, cream, lotion, tattoo, shampoo, shower gel, vaporizerAre products made from emu oil reliable?How much emu oil does the product really contain?A cream and its ingredients: exact quantities are unknownHow was it obtained, extracted, purified?Reliability and quality can vary widelyAlleged therapeutic benefits and efficacyTypical website for buying emu oilFDA blames emu oil manufacturers for their false allegationsMy conclusions on the efficacy of emu oilMy conclusions on the reliability of emu oil productsUsing a tattoo lotion when it burns is a bit ridiculousNo emu was traumatized in the making of this comic


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