What your pharmacist can do for you during a zombie apocalypse

What would you do if the whole world was suddenly infected by a mysterious virus turning people into zombies?

Personally, I would go to the pharmacy.

As a matter of fact, it’s the only place where if find zombies less scary than the clients (just kidding).

Here is Le Pharmachien’s 2012 Halloween Special : What your pharmacist can do for you during a zombie apocalypse!

Title image of this comic

Old people waiting at the door

I have the feeling that there's going to be a zombie apocalypse

The tarot lady predicted the end of the world

A pharmacy that's not busy, that's uncanny

A major radioactive leak has been reported downtown

A man who was bitten needs expensive bandages

I'd like to eat some brain

You could use a good cleanup of your medication profile

Crazy scientist has found a cure for the disease

The pharmacist refuses to evacuate

A zombie!

Wow, it's dead today

Old people turned zombies waiting at the door

End title image of this comic

In summary: not a thing.


The winners of the 2012 Le Pharmachien’s Halloween contest are Alexandre Melkoumov (Montreal) et Catherine Côté (Rivière-du-Loup). Congratulations to both of you! You both won a mini-poster (13×19”) of this comic on high-quality commercial card stock (a value of 20$ including shipping). Ideal for posting in the confidentiality area of a pharmacy, a baby’s bedroom or an unfinished basement!


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